Participation DRONATHON

The DRONATHON is the world's first drone marathon of 42.195 km, which is part of our DRONEMASTERS Convention since 2016.

Under drones we understand small Unmanned Aircraft Systems with electric or hybrid propulsion. There will be two classes, one for Multicopter (Quad, Hexa, Okto) and fixed wing (also includes VTOL hybrid)

To register your team and drone for 2018 you have to use the form down below. For participation you need a drone/sUAS which applies to the following specifications. 



  • the drone you want to register is already used in professional applications or will be used in the future 
  • modifications to the airframe or structure are only permitted as long as the appearance or shape of the underlying remains well visible. Modifications to the drivetrain, hull and electronics are generally permitted (motors, propellers, paint... )
  • you can not use combustion engines
  • MTOW has to be at or below 5 kg, no payload is required 
  • team and pilots will need applicable insurance, drone marking and a remote pilot license 
  • the drone must be able to fly automatically in waypoint mode with constant supervisory by the remote pilot with manual override function 


  • race distance is 42km, which are 42 rounds on the race track
  • drone remains all the time in VLOS 
  • the drone has to fly the race laps in waypoint mode, coordinates are provided
  • maximum flight height is 100m, track corridor is 20m
  • there are two classes, Copter-Class and fixed-wing & VTOL Class
  • you are not allowed to change drones within the race
  • there is no battery limit, you can change batteries as often as you wish
  • a team may consist of multiple members. E.g. a pilot, a spotter and a pit crew
  • overtaking is only allowed within a secure distance

 Our general terms and conditions fully apply: Allgemeinen Veranstaltungs- und Teilnahmebedingungen (AGB).



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