DRON-A-THON - der 1. Drohnen-Marathon der Welt


Winner of the first DRONEMASTERS DRON-A-THON awarded with the Lilentahl-Award by Otto-Lilienthal Stiftung i.G. 2016.

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Invitation to the first Drone-Marathon

worldwide! :-)

On September 4th 2016 we are inviting you to the first Drone-Marathon worldwide. Which will take place at the horse racetrack Berlin Karlshorst. One year ago the rise of the DRONESMASTERS began. 12 month, 22 MeetUps and 100.000 visitors later, this place will become a showplace for a spectacular air show.

The top-performing drones from their respective areas of usage: safety, transportation, validation and geodata-acquisitioon will compete in the world’s first Dron-A-Thon and need to complete a distance of 42,195 kilometres (30 rounds)

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Sunday, September 4th 2016, 10am - 6pm

10 am- 11 am: DRONEMASTERS DRON-A-THON - Warm-Up
                      world's first drone-marathon
approx 1 pm: price-giving & presentation ceremony
1 pm - 2 pm: DRONEMASTERS Delivery Challenge - Flying BBQ
2 pm - 4 pm: FPV Drone Race & happy hovering - Qualifying
4 pm - 6 pm: FPV Drone Race & happy hovering

Trabrennbahn Berlin-Karlshorst
Treskowallee 129
10318 Berlin
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/63YbpAz8MKU2
BVG: S-Bahnhof Karlshorst

You can only join us if you register.

Flying BBQ - DRONEMASTERS Delivery Challenge

Goal of DRONEMASTERS is to promote civilian use of drones and to arouse enthusiasm for automated mobility. The DRONEMASTERS Convention serves to demonstrate the capabilities of drones and raise ideas for new applications. Under the DRONEMASTERS Delivery Challenge the manufacture Aibotix together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics will be presenting an automatic load handling system for drones DelivAIRy fresh from our Flying BBQ.

The the event is free but the entry to the property is permitted only to registered visitors. Therefore we ask you to register. Among all registered visitors we will draw 100 sausages (classic & vegan) from Flying BBQ . Be one of the first people to get delivered a sausage with a drone. :-)

We look forward to a happy Sunday!

FPV Racing and Happy Hovering

Just as last year we are bridging the gap to sport and hobby. We will bring spectacular FPV-Racers to the start and after the drone marathon we will leave the tricky course to the Racers and hobby pilots.

Who wants to join the FPV Race please contact us. :-)

Please understand that only pre-registered participants are allowed to fly.. On the day of the event a registration is not possible.



Are you working with drones? Present yourself, network and find customers, partners or investors. On 1.000 square metres you will have the chance to present your product, service or start-up to an interested audience in an undisturbed atmosphere. Concurrently you might benefit from the general media attention the DRONEMASTERS convention is generating.

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